This week has been an exciting one for students, faculty, and staff at the TCU School of Music. We had the pleasure of hosting John Corigliano in residency for a wonderful week of performances, lessons, masterclasses, and discussions. It was an exciting experience getting to know one of the greatest composers of our time. Especially enjoyable was […]


My graduate seminar on Music and Meaning has recently been reading Raymond Monelle’s chapter “The Temporal Image” from his The Sense of Music , which has me thinking about time. According to Monelle (and most other philosophers on the subject) time can broadly be considered in two modalities: moment-to-moment time and structural time. Essentially, no matter what […]

Directional Tonality and Wolf

My graduate music analysis class is discussing Wolf’s “Mir ward gesagt” in class today. The song starts in a most ambiguous way, seemingly signaling G major before adding a minor 3rd underneath to suggest E minor. Things continue to get weird as dominant 7th chords seem to “sort of” resolve throughout the song, but never […]

In-class Song Analysis with Nested Groups

Sometimes you get so excited about a teaching idea that you just have to share. My Sophomore theory class is embarking on the topic of mode mixture for the next few days, so I thought we’d jump right in with some song analysis, specifically Schubert’s “Der Neugierige.” SPOILER ALERT: This fairly early song in the […]